Our Story

Halmi (a loving nickname halmoni, which means grandma in Korean) is a brand of light sparkling beverages inspired by traditional Korean flavors. We use real, good-for-you ingredients rooted in history and culture.

With this platform, we aim to amplify Korean and Asian American voices, from shared experiences to differing points of view. A vehicle for creative and artistic storytelling, inside jokes and new learnings.

"Much needed"

It’s a phrase that my partner and I consistently say when we make a plate of comfort food, crack open a beer after a long day, take a refreshing shower, and so on. It represents a breath of fresh air, a sigh of relief. 

The phrase touches upon multiple aspects of our company - from a much needed change of demographic in the sparkling beverage industry and flavor offerings, to much needed conversations around Asian American experiences and the meaning of community.


Hi! I'm Hannah, nice to meet you. I'm the daughter of Korean immigrants, born and raised in Queens, NY. Seltzers and ginger ales have always been part of my diet, but I felt myself craving flavors outside of the typical varieties - something unique, refreshing, and with healthy ingredients.

As someone with a sensitive stomach, I became interested in traditional Korean drinks that have been heralded for their medicinal qualities and how it could help with my digestion. I started brewing concoctions based on memories of my family's recipes, but put a new spin on beverages that didn’t leave me feeling bloated, wired and bogged down.