What is Halmi?

Halmi is a brand of Korean-inspired sparkling beverages with real ingredients and unique flavor offerings. 

What does “Halmi” mean?

Halmi is a loving nickname for halmoni, which means grandma in Korean. 

Who is Halmi’s founder?

Halmi was founded by Hannah Bae, a second generation Korean American. Born and raised in Queens, NY, Hannah grew up drinking her halmi’s traditional beverages to alleviate digestive issues and common ailments. By sharing a modern spin on these drinks, Hannah aims to present a different way of creative storytelling.

Are Halmi beverages healthy?

While we can’t compare with good ol’ H2O, our beverages are made with real ingredients that are known for their digestive and health properties.

Our Cinnamon, Ginger, Jujube, Persimmon flavor has 45 calories and 7g of sugar for a slight sweetness.

Do I need to refrigerate Halmi beverages?

No, our beverages are pasteurized and will be shelf-stable for 1 year in moderate conditions. We highly recommend you chill the beverages or pour them over ice for the best experience.

Is there alcohol in Halmi beverages?

No, all Halmi beverages are non-alcoholic.

How about CBD, THC, caffeine, prebiotics, probiotics or adaptogens?

No, our beverages do not contain any of the above. Although we appreciate these ingredients, we’re trying to keep our ingredient list as simple as possible.

Why is there malic acid in the Cinnamon, Ginger, Jujube, Persimmon beverage?

Since we don’t use preservatives, malic acid is used to control the pH level to ensure safe beverage consumption without the need for refrigeration. It also helps bring out some of the complex flavors of the ingredients.

We use L-malic acid, which is naturally derived from apples.

Are Halmi beverages vegan and gluten free?

Yes! All Halmi beverages are vegan and gluten free.

Where can I find Halmi beverages?

You can find stockists on our store locator page.

If you don’t see Halmi in your local retailer, drop us a line at hello@drinkhalmi.com with the store name and location. Or better yet, reach out to your retailer and tell them how Halmi is much needed!

Looking to stock Halmi in your shop?

Let's chat about wholesale! You can email us at sales@drinkhalmi.com, or find us on Faire and Airgoods.

Tell me about shipping and refunds.

We offer free shipping on all drinkhalmi.com purchases! 

We currently ship to 50 states within the U.S. When purchasing from drinkhalmi.com, taxes will be calculated during the check-out process. Please allow 1-7 business days for order processing.

We are not responsible for lost and/or stolen packages. Please contact the shipping courier directly. 

We are not responsible for incorrect shipping addresses. If you entered an incorrect address, please email us at hello@drinkhalmi.com with your order # ASAP and we'll try our best to update it on our end, but we're unable to offer any guarantees.

While we can’t offer refunds at this time, please feel free to email us at hello@drinkhalmi.com with your feedback and thoughts.

Help! I received a damaged package.

Oh no, we’re sorry to hear that! Please email us at hello@drinkhalmi.com with your order #, a picture of the damaged package, and hold on to the packaging if you can (this helps us when filing a claim with shipping couriers). We’ll work with you to ship a new package ASAP.

Please note we can only assist with orders from drinkhalmi.com. If you need assistance for a purchase made at a retail store, please contact them directly.